Monday, February 11, 2013

Sophia’s Shower


I can’t believe that over a month ago my wonderful friends and family threw Sophia and I a lovely baby shower.  We were so crazy busy preparing for our move in January that I never got around to putting pictures up!

This shower was so special to me, for so many reasons.  I mean, any expecting mom is excited to have a baby shower thrown for her and her baby-to-be.  It’s a part of the pregnancy journey that doesn’t involve morning sickness, back aches, or labor pains.  It’s just a wonderful time surrounded by loved ones and (hopefully!) great food too.  So for that reason I was excited for my shower. 

But this shower also meant something much more to me. It meant that for a few hours I could feel just like a “normal” mommy-to-be.  I was able to put out of my mind the fact that my special daughter has some major complications with her health.  I was able to forget that I most likely will never be able to throw her her own baby shower.  I just got to enjoy being pregnant, being Sophia’s mom, and for that I am so, so grateful.

My sister, Rachel, was the main planner of the shower.  And it’s important to note that my shower was held on January 5th, and she gave birth to her second son on January 2nd.  Yes, as in 3 days before my shower was was in labor.  She is an amazon woman, and I still can’t believe she was able to plan and prepare, let alone attend, my shower.  I hope she realizes just how truly grateful I am for her hard work, especially considering the circumstances!

The theme was “Cute as a Button” which was chosen since I love all things crafty and sewing. 


It’s kind of hard to tell from the bright window light, but the banner says “Cute as a Button” and was handmade by my sis!

And here were some of the adorable table decorations:





Instead of a lot of games, she set up two crafting stations:



Each person took a quilt square and wrote a message, bible verse, or quote on it.  Some people even took the time to stitch patterns or flowers on the quilt squares.  Then, my mom sewed all the squares together to make a beautiful quilt for Sophia that I know we both will cherish.

IMG_7561 copy



She also set up a headband making station (for Sophia).  You can see some of that station in the above photographs too.

IMG_7619 copy


And of course, there was LOTS of yummy food!








Another great blessing was the fact that my mom and younger sister, Becca, were able to attend the shower.  Considering my mom live(d) in another country, and Becca lives in Texas,  it was pretty great they could be in Chicago for this wonderful night.


Mom, Rachel, baby Daniel (who was 3 days old), me, and Becca

Here are most of the wonderful women who blessed Sophia and I with such a wonderful shower:

IMG_7744 copy


And to top off the cuteness, here’s what each guest was able to bring home with them.  Love!


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  1. We did quilt squares at my shower too! I absolutely love it. When I saw that idea I knew I wanted that instead of games and my sis-in-law (who was also pregnant so we had a double shower) also liked the idea.


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