Friday, April 20, 2012

How to take and use a screen shot…and Passing it On

Did you guys check out this week’s Trade School? Didn’t Zoe do an awesome job sharing some great tips with us?

I definitely need to get on “alt-ing” my photos!

I noticed that several you requested in the comments a tutorial on how to take a screen shot of your computer…that is part of your homework assignment after all!

So here is a super quick tutorial on how to take a screen shot of your computer, and how to find and use the shot.  Oh, and I’ll be using screen shots to do the tutorial.  Double points!

screen shot tut3

When you want to take a snapshot of what is currently on your computer screen:

1. Hit the print screen button, which will probably look like “Prnt Scrn.”  Mine is located in the top right corner of my keyboard.

The image is now saved in a virtual clipboard

2. Open up Paint, or even a photo editing program.  Select “Paste” or use the short cut “Ctrl+V”.  Your screen shot will appear!

screen shot tut1

A screenshot within a screenshot…anyone else thinking of “Inception” right now?

3.  Now go to “Save As” and save it as your preferred file type (i.e. jpeg, bmp, etc.)

screen shot tut2

Now your screen shot is just like any other photo! You can crop it, add text, or add symbols just like any other photo.  Easy peasy!

Now moving on to the second part of this post…

My friend Linda from It All Started With Paint sent me a package the other day as a part of her (and some fellow bloggers) new movement, the Pass It On Project.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Gift Exchanges collage 1
Oooh, what could it be?


But wait, there was more!


One gift for me, and one gift to pass on to a friend…

Gift Exchanges collage 2

And what was in those beautifully wrapped packages? Pillows!

Gift Exchanges collage 3

These kinds of lovely drop cloth pillows will soon be available in Linda’s Etsy shop, so be sure to check them out.

Wondering who I passed the other one on to?

At first I wasn’t quite sure who to give it to. 

I have a few friends who I knew would love it, and I was having a hard time deciding.  Then last night one of them came over for our weekly Bible study.  She saw the pillow on the rocking chair and started gushing over it, asking where I got it/if I had made it.  I told her that since she liked it so much she could have one of her own.

Imagine her surprise when I pulled out a wrapped one just for her!

I guess the joy I saw on her face is what this project is all about.



  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I'll be trying it out in the morning and then I'll finish my homework! What a lovely surprise to get those two pillows and even more fun to give one to your friend! Yay!

  2. And if you have a mac, you can hit command, shift, 4 at the same time to do a screen shot :)

  3. Great tutorial! I used Sceenr to make my video tutorial for the trade school lesson.

  4. Great tip - I use a MAC and am trying to figure this out. Did you do this on Mac or PC?

    Don't you just love Linda's pillows? She's sure to be a rousing Etsy success!

  5. Okay, I teared up at the thought of you pulling out a wrapped pillow for your friend - while she was admiring yours! Sigh. So, sweet!

    Kudos to Linda for being so thoughtful and to you for Passing It On!

    ~ Dana


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